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PASS4Autism: Platform using Artificial Intelligence to improve Social Skills for Autism

The diagnoses of children with autism are constantly increasing. By educating their parents, we are helping a growing population that thinks in a different way to be an active part of the society.

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About us

Empowering ASD Families: PASS4Autism’s Visual Story Toolbox

Parents have great connections with their children and also have a better picture of the daily challenges and know what triggers a child’s disruptive behaviour and what elicits positive responses. The main motivation for PASS4Autism is to give parents a tool that will help both parents and children with ASD to actively participate in the community. This will be achieved by increasing social skills that will also improve the integration of people with ASD within various life contexts.

Short description of the project

Most technological applications focus on improving learning disabilities and have not concerned improving social skills. PASS4Autism will develop educational material and a software application with a strong focus on visual stories, helping address social dysfunction. This will be achieved via developing an application that will help parents and therapists build custom visual stories. The application will integrate a set of functionalities assisted by appropriate recommendation mechanisms to address in the best way each child’s special needs and will be accessible to everyone and everywhere. 

Autism Empowerment: Stories, Technology, Community

Customized Visual Stories

PASS4Autism delivers tailor-made social stories, blending engaging visual elements and structured narratives to address the specific challenges and encourage positive behaviors in children with ASD.

Innovative Learning Tools

Explore our user-friendly application, equipped with recommendation mechanisms and visual aids, to create impactful visual stories that cater to the unique needs of each child, embracing a personalized and effective learning approach.

Supportive Networking for Parents

Join our community platform to connect with fellow parents, sharing experiences and support. PASS4Autism creates a nurturing space where parents can find understanding, advice, and strength in their journey of supporting children with ASD.

The Consortium

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